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First Aid and CPR
AHAOne of the best things you can do to prepare yourself is to receive the appropriate medical training in handling minor injuries which may be sustained during a disaster and to provide immediate intervention for victims in cardiac arrest. Additionally, the value of these skills goes well beyond the extenuating circumstances of a major event and can help save a life.

Red CrossBasic First Aid and CPR are not complicated and the training required is generally not expensive or difficult. Both the American Heart Association and American Red Cross offer routine classes throughout Westchester and New York City. You can use the class finders below to locate a facility near you.

American Red Cross CPR and First Aid link
American Heart Association CPR link

It is advisable to purchase and keep on hand minor medical supplies. These can generally be purchased in the form a first aid kit and should be kept both at home and in your motor vehicle. An adequate first aid kit should contain the following basic supplies:

- Gauze pads of various sizes
First Aid Kit- Kling wrap (gauze rolls)
- Medical tape
- Ice packs
- Non-latex gloves (such as Nitrile)
- Emergency Blanket
- Eye flush
- Band aids
- Scissors

You may wish to add additional supplies to a basic kit such as:

- Splinting supplies (small lengths of board, tongue depressors)
- Burn gel
- Caution tape
- Compression wraps
- Tylenol, Aspirin
- Penlight or small flashlight
- Rescue breathing mask with one-way valve.

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