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About Special Operations Division

About the Special Operations Division
The traditional role of EMS changes from place to place and the titles of Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician mean different things to different people. At Empress EMS the focus of all EMT’s & Paramedics remains the provision of the best possible care with attention to developing trends within in the EMS community and aggressive quality assurance. The Special Operations Division takes that focus and adds the commitment to provide that level of care under any circumstances, whether in the setting of a Multiple Casualty Incident, Hazardous Materials Incident, Tactical Police operation, Technical Rescue situation, or any major emergency. In order to ensure this, our personnel must be trained to operate in all of these areas as well as exhibit a level of competency and knowledge that ensures responder safety and effective emergency medical care.

Special Operations personnel are Empress EMS employees who have received significant specialized training, in addition to the standard Basic and Advanced Life Support training provided to EMS responders throughout New York State. SOD employees receive training in counter-terrorism, WMD's, hazardous materials and special protective equipment. An allotment of SOD members also acquire additional training in technical rescue and tactical EMS. They operate in the role of traditional 911 EMS response or they may be activated specifically for events which require their additional abilities. SOD personnel can be easily distinguished from regular EMS responders by their dark navy uniforms and Special Operations insignia.

Empress SOD is based in the City of Yonkers, New York. Yonkers resides within Westchester County and shares a border with New York City to the south. Yonkers also borders the City of Mount Vernon to the east, Village of Hastings to the north and the Hudson River to the west. We are a mutual aid agency providing response and assistance to New York City in event of any major incidents. Due to the facilities and resources within Yonkers, in addition to its close proximity to New York City, Yonkers remains a high risk target for terrorism.

Empress SOD has acquired a notable amount of physical assets and manpower resources during its service. These resources assure that we are capable of responding to any number of mass casualty incidents involving hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical or biological agents. This includes medical and trauma equipment, special medications, personal protective and detection equipment. SOD employees carry this equipment to shield themselves so that they may continue to function even during a terrorist or accidental release of CBRNE materials. Specially trained SOD employees may also carry equipment for technical rescue or tactical medicine.


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