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Public Preparedness

DisasterBeing Ready Starts With You
While systems are in place to help professional response to and mitigation of events such as natural disasters and acts of terrorism, every citizen should prepare themselves and their family for these possibilities. Empress SOD would like to offer some advice and links to help you get ready!

The first step is preparation. You need to decide what training, supplies and plans are required to keep you and your's safe during a disaster or crisis. Don't wait until an event has already occurred! Every day the news brings reminders of how quickly and suddenly tragedy can occur and how many can be left stranded without proper supplies or know-how. These situations can leave you without power, clean drinking water, food or means of escape.

In the New York Metropolitan area, there remains a high concern about repeated acts of terrorism, severe storms and hazardous material incidents, although general preparation for any serious disaster is wise. FEMA has prepared an extensive web site to help the public get ready for such events.

FEMA Plan and Prepare Site link.

General Preparedness
There are certain steps you can take to get ready for any general emergency. We recommend the following:

- Receive basic first aid and CPR training.
- Prepare an 'emergency supply bag' for every member of your residence.
- Learn about the local resources in place to help in the event of an emergency.
- Speak to your family and loved ones about preparation.

We will examine some of these in more detail.

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