Empress EMS Services

9-1-1 Emergency Response


Empress EMS is the sole provider of 9-1-1 emergency medical response for the cities of Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon and White Plains, New York. In addition, Empress is a primary mutual aid emergency response agency for New York City. Empress is also utilized by neighboring cities and communities for mutual aid response during times of need.

Every year Empress responds to tens of thousands of calls for help, providing exceptional care during a tremendous range of emergencies. Empress Field Staff are known as some of the most capable and experienced individuals in the business due to the high volume of calls covered.

Special Operations Division


The Special Operations Division was formed in response to the growing need for highly trained emergency medical personnel who can fill versatile roles.

S.O.D. Paramedics and EMT's receive significant training in Terrorism/WMD Response, HAZMAT Mitigation, Specialty Rescue and Tactical EMS. S.O.D. personnel are always on duty within the City of Yonkers and additional manpower can be called in through our alert system, 24/7, in the event of a large scale emergency.

The Special Operations Division's web site can be found here: http://www.empressems.com/sod

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transports


Empress provides acute medical transports between hospitals, trauma centers and special care units for patients who require advanced monitoring. A New York State certified Paramedic and a certified Emergency Medical Technician, staff our Advanced Life Support ambulances.

Paramedics work closely with the patient's physician and nursing staff to plan the appropriate treatment modalities during the transport.

Empress provides patients with cardiac monitoring, IV therapy and advanced airway management. A portable ventilator, automated IV pumps and pulse oximetry are all available upon request of a health care facility.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Transports


The overall commitment of any Emergency Medical Services Company is the provision of after care transports. Empress provides non-emergency transportation from hospitals, health care facilities, and residences.

All of our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed by two New York State certified Emergency Medical Technicians who maintain quality care during transport. Patients who require routine transports are provided a full assessment at the initiation of transport and closely monitored until the trip is completed.

Making the patient comfortable both physically and mentally is a top priority.

Paramedic Flycar Service


The fly car concept consists of a SUV type vehicle with a full complement of Advanced Life Support equipment. It is staffed by a New York State Certified Paramedic. The Paramedics respond on 9-1-1 calls along with volunteer ambulance squads and provide Advanced Life Support when needed.

In 1993, Empress served as a pioneer, establishing the first Paramedic Flycar system in Northern Westchester. Having utilized a fly car system in the City of Yonkers for several years, Empress was well versed in both its development and operations. Today, Empress operates Advanced Life Support Flycars in several districts, staffing them with experienced and capable Paramedics.

Education and Training


One of the key elements in a new Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician's training is the Field Rotation where they learn the trade through first hand experience.

Many institutions in New York City, Westchester County and Rockland County have relied on providing that experience to their students by utilizing Empress EMS. Empress has had the pleasure of hosting and training thousands of EMS students from local schools, other states and even internationally.

Event Standbys


When evaluating a provider's experience in providing onsite emergency medical health care, Empress is unparalleled. Quite simply, our vast company resources and extensive experience in coordinating care for large-scale events are the reasons we have been the choice of municipalities and private organizations year after year.

Since 1985 Empress has provided onsite emergency care at hundreds of special events throughout the Hudson Valley. These events include multiple major golf tournaments, regular staffing of the Yonkers Raceway & Empire City Casino, Westchester Knicks basketball team and visits by both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.